Pancakes are fun! At De Bolle Buik you can choose from more than 70 varieties! Do you go for natural with icing sugar or do you opt for the spectacular ‘Nutcracker’?

We think it is very important that close attention is paid to hygiene, hospitality, child-friendliness and accessibility for the disabled. In addition, we bake our traditional pancakes with batter from our own recipe. So at De Bolle Buik you are guaranteed to enjoy the most delicious pancakes. Naturally without the addition of fragrances, colorings and flavourings.

Our menus on the table are in Dutch. We also have a digital English and German menu for our foreign guests. You can view these with the buttons below.

Not hungry for a pancake? Then go for a delicious richly invested burger!

Not hungry for a pancake? No problem! Order one of our special burgers such as a Classic burger or French burger with brie and honey. The delicious Burger of the house is also recommended, this burger is topped with fried onion, mushroom, bell pepper and tomato. All burgers are served on a Black Pepper Bun with 200 grams of beef in different variants. For the big eater, the burger is also available in an XXL version with 300 grams of beef. Our little guests can enjoy a smaller size.

You can also opt for a tasty sandwich, enjoy our shoarma dish or chicken satay. Of course we also have delicious desserts for young and old.

Would you like a pancake but do you have an allergy or intolerance? No problem!

Bij De Bolle Buik kunnen we uiteraard hier rekening mee houden. Met de volgende allergie├źn of intoleranties kunnen we rekening houden: * glutenvrij * kleurstofallergie * koemelkallergie * lactosevrij * melkvrij * notenallergie * suikervrij * vetarm * zoutvrij.

All you have to do is inform our cook about this and you too can enjoy the most delicious pancakes in the Netherlands.